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多くの受験生がBACBのBCBA 無料過去問に良い成績を取らせるために、TopExamはより良い結果までずっと努力しています。長年の努力を通じて、TopExamのBACBのBCBA 無料過去問の合格率が100パーセントになっていました。もしTopExamのBACBのBCBA 無料過去問を購入したら、学習教材はどんな問題があれば、或いは試験に不合格になる場合は、全額返金することを保証いたします。

BACBのBCBA 無料過去問の認定はIT業種で欠くことができない認証です。では、どうやって、最も早い時間でBACBのBCBA 無料過去問に合格するのですか。TopExamは君にとって最高な選択になっています。TopExamのBACBのBCBA 無料過去問はTopExamのIT専門家たちが研究して、実践して開発されたものです。その高い正確性は言うまでもありません。もし君はいささかな心配することがあるなら、あなたはうちの商品を購入する前に、TopExamは無料でサンプルを提供することができます。

試験科目:Board Certified Behavior Analyst
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我々TopExamはお客様の立場でお客様に最高のサービスを提供します。全日でのオンライン係員、BACBのBCBA 無料過去問のデモ、豊富なバーション、BACBのBCBA 無料過去問を購入した後の無料更新、試験に失敗した後の全額の返金…これら全部は我々TopExamが信頼される理由です。あなたは我々のソフトを通してBACBのBCBA 無料過去問に順調に合格したら、私たちの共同の努力を覚えられると希望します。

NO.1 A behavior analyst is working with an adult client, who is deemed competent. There are
multiple potential behavior targets that need to be addressed including smoking cigarettes, nail
biting, and compulsive hand washing. As a first goal, the behavior analyst wants the client to focus on
eliminating smoking but the client would prefer to focus on nail biting. The behavior analyst should.
A. develop a self-management plan for eliminating nail biting as this is the preference of the client.
B. develop a self-management plan for eliminating smoking as this behavior poses a serious health
risk for the client.
C. refer the client to another behavior analyst as there is a discrepancy in goal setting priorities.
D. convince the client to change their first goal to elimination of smoking.
Answer: A

BCBA 購入   

NO.2 Jack, a behavior analyst, is consulting about a student who engages in face slapping. A recent
functional analysis clearly determined that the behavior is maintained by automatic reinforcement. In
the past, reinforcement procedures alone were found to be ineffective. The current intervention
consists of a punishment procedure. pulling the student's hands away from his face contingent on
any attempts to slap and saying, "No!" Jack should.
A. re-do the assessment, add a reinforcement procedure, and plan to eliminate all punishment
B. add a reinforcement procedure that focuses on replacement and/or incompatible behaviors and
move forward with the plan.
C. move ahead and collect data on the plan and revise as indicated regularly.
D. refer to another behavior analyst who works with punishment only cases.
Answer: B

BCBA 勉強   

NO.3 One of the MOST important reasons for writing a precise definition of behavior is that a precise
A. allows for easier and more reliable quantification of temporal locus and temporal extent.
B. makes calibration checks of observers or measurement equipment less necessary.
C. increases the likelihood that the behavior of interest will be reliably detected by observers or
measurement equipment.
D. produces greater inter observer agreement and requires less training time for observers.
Answer: C

BCBA 試験   BCBA 目的   

NO.4 A client with a history of escape maintained problem behavior begins to throw the puzzle
pieces a few minutes after starting to work on the task. What is the BEST programmatic change for
the behavior analyst to make?
A. Teach the client to request escape using an adaptive behavior.
B. Remove the puzzle and implement a time-out procedure.
C. Increase the amount of social praise delivered for successful task completion.
D. Implement an overcorrection procedure to reduce puzzle piece throwing.
Answer: A

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